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Dunite produced by Grecian Magnesite

New Magnesium Silicate product line under the brand OLIDUN

Our OLIDUN product line is curated to reflect what we are experts in; turning minerals into hundreds of useful industrial products.

Visit our brand new OLIDUN website:

New photovoltaic plant in Yerakini by Grecian Magnesite

Grecian Magnesite begins construction of a new photovoltaic plant in Greece

Athens, Greece -- May 19, 2023 -- Following the successful installation of a roof-type solar energy system in our Turkish subsidiary Akdeniz Mineral Kaynaklari A.Ş., we continue to make progress in the development of our renewable projects with the construction of a new ground-mounted photovoltaic plant in Yerakini, Chalkidiki, Northern Greece.

Training on the Use of Automated External Defibrillator Grecian Magnesite

Trained to save lives

We are happy to announce that the first round of the training program on Basic Life Support & Use of Automated External Defibrillator has been successfully completed. 

World blood donor day

Cheers! This was our 50th blood donation!

We recently completed our 50th blood donation, and we are proud to have concentrated a significant amount of blood units, available for people in need.

Grecian Magnesite has been organizing blood donation events in its Yerakini mine site for over 30 years already.

PV solar panels investment Grecian Magnesite

Akdeniz to install solar panels at Kumbet plant

Athens, Greece – June 13, 2022 -- Grecian Magnesite S.A. (“GM”), has announced today that its Turkish subsidiary, Akdeniz Mineral Kaynaklari A.Ş. (AMK), has, signed an agreement for the installation of a roof type solar energy system at its Kumbet plant

The new Evia Underground Mine

The new Evia Underground Mine:
narrow vein mining, broad-minded investment

On the island of Evia, Greece, we are more than favored by probably one of the purest magnesite deposits on the entire planet. Above ground, this is also a place of exceptional natural beauty and of relatively untouched flora and fauna habitats. Mining in our region has always been a balancing act: respect, preserve, produce. Those are the guiding values for our newest mine.


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