Magforum 2024 hosted Grecian Magnesite

MAGFORUM 2024, a magnesite community event to remember!

We are excited to announce the successful completion of MagForum 2024, which was rich in fruitful discussions, insightful presentations, and community bonding over an enjoyable field trip and the delightful Greek cuisine!

As 2024 marks our 65th anniversary, our Managing Director, Dimitris Portolos, highlighted the significance of Greece’s mining heritage, emphasizing Chalkidiki's crucial role, the contribution of magnesite throughout the two World Wars, and a brief outlook of his family legacy to the Greek mining history.

Pantelis Vetoulas, our Commercial Manager, presented "65 Years in the World of Magnesia: Review of Milestones & Challenges," offering an in-depth look at the company’s history and the significant advancements made over the years. Dr. Haris Yiannoulakis, our R&D Manager, discussed the adoption of sustainable practices that have modernized Grecian Magnesite's operations.

We were also delighted to host a field trip to our Yerakini mining site, the oldest active deposit in Greece, offering our guests a tour of our facilities, and an introduction to our people. 

We extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone for making this event unforgettable for Grecian Magnesite. We look forward to seeing you all at the next event!

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