Grecian Magnesite sponshorship

Grecian Magnesite Sponsored Polygyros General High School for ERASMUS+ Program

Grecian Magnesite proudly sponsored Polygyros General High School in the ERASMUS+ KA210 Program, “Les Jeux Olympiques au cœur de l’Europe”. 

Inspired by the Paris Olympics, this initiative promoted sports and French language learning among students from France, Malta, and Greece.

Students competed in adapted Olympic and Paralympic sports, including volleyball, wheelchair basketball, table tennis, biathlon, and swimming. The event, hosted by College Jean-Baptiste de la Salle in Laval, France, took place from April 14 to 19, 2024.

Our sponsorship provided sports gear for the Polygyros team, ensuring they were well-equipped to represent Greece.

Congratulations to the Polygyros General High School students for proudly representing our Chalkidiki community!

Grecian Magnesite sponshorship

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