GMP+ certification Grecian Magnesite

Grecian Magnesite achieves the renewed GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance Module 2020

Athens, Greece -- November 28, 2023 -- Grecian Magnesite S.A. ("GM"), a leading manufacturer of magnesite and its compounds, proudly announces its recent certification under the renewed GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance Module 2020. The Module certifies our company's ability to produce and trade/supply Caustic Calcined Magnesia and Magnesium Carbonate that are safe for consumers of animal products, for the animals, and the environment.

This recognition underscores the company's unwavering commitment to the highest standards of feed safety management and its dedication to continual improvement.

The renewed GMP+ FSA 2020 certification is characterized by:

  • Flexibility: The renewed scheme offers a more adaptable approach, ensuring that Grecian Magnesite can effectively navigate the dynamic landscape of feed safety requirements.
  • Outcome-Focused: Emphasizing outcomes over processes, the certification aligns with Grecian Magnesite's commitment to delivering tangible results in feed safety management.
  • Industry Collaboration: The certification results from collaborative efforts with the animal feed sector, showcasing Grecian Magnesite's dedication to staying at the forefront of industry best practices.

This achievement reinforces Grecian Magnesite's position as a trusted partner in the animal feed sector and exemplifies its pursuit of excellence in safety and quality management.

Grecian Magnesite GMP+ FSA 2020 Sale certification
Grecian Magnesite GMP+ FSA 2020 Production certification

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