SM 94 Powder

SM 94 Powder

SM 94 Powder, is a high purity dead-burned magnesium oxide, having a quality appearance of a white, gritless, free-flowing powder. It is produced, by selection of special raw materials and controlled sintering and sizing steps to achieve desirable bulk density, low iron content, low levels of trace elements and accurate grain size.

SM 94 Powder is well suited for the production of fiber glass, brake pads & brake linings and phosphate cements.

Main Uses & Advantages

Use of SM 94 Powder in fiber glass formulations will increase the fiber’s strength and durability. SM 94 Powder is characterized by controlled chemical composition and microstructure with minimal weight loss upon heating, offering consistent and trouble-free fiber glass production. Important extra benefit is the low content in iron and trace elements.

As a component in friction material formulations, due to its high refractoriness, SM 94 powder can help impart long life and maintain frictional grip in demanding high breaking temperature friction applications.

SM 94 powder can also be used as the reactive MgO ingredient in phosphate cement formulations, such as phosphate cement-based repair mortars and dental investment casting mixtures. Its carefully controlled reactivity and grain size offer fast, predictable and consistent cement setting times and early strength development.

Packaging & Storage

SM 94 powder is available in: big bags with plastic liner with or without bottom spout on pallets (optional). in 25kg polyethylene-lined, multiwalled bags, stretch wrapped on pallets.

SM 94 powder has a shelf life of 12 months provided that the product is stored in a clean dry storage area under proper conditions. Magnesium oxide absorbs moisture from the air and forms lumps. Always re-seal partly used bags.

Main Properties

MgO content:

typ. 95,0 %

Fe2O3 content:

typ. 0,15%

LOI @ 1000 oC:

max 0,25%

Grain Bulk Density:

3,30-3,32 g/cm3


available at -180 μm
& -75 μm

glass fiber

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Recommended Applications
Brake pads with MgO in the formulation

Friction Materials

Magnesium oxide is an important component in friction material formulations, typically added to adjust the friction coefficient at desirable values in brake pads and brake linings. Moreover, its intermediate hardness imparts sufficiently low wear on metal while adequately conducting heat from the friction contact surfaces.

glass fiber

Glass fibers

Fiber glass is an important element in composite materials that offers increased durability and strength with reduced weight such as reinforced polymeric composites for automotive and building construction applications. Similarly to the case of flat glass, the use of MgO in fiber glass formulations increases its strength and durability.


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