glass fiber

Glass fibers

Fiber glass is an important element in composite materials that offers increased durability and strength with reduced weight such as reinforced polymeric composites for automotive and building construction applications. Similarly to the case of flat glass, the use of MgO in fiber glass formulations increases its strength and durability.

Producers of fiber glass frequently use their own manufacturing processes and customized/patented formulations. In that respect, hard-burned or dead-burned magnesium oxide grades with different chemical and physical properties may be required.

Grecian Magnesite offers a diverse portfolio of application-specific magnesium oxide grades exhibiting; high to medium MgO content, controlled grain size/reactivity and loss of weight during heating, consistent chemical composition and low iron content.

As producers of magnesium oxide we can even provide a custom touch to adapt our products to meet your specific needs.

Just get in touch with our sales engineers and R&D teams to discuss your specific MgO requirements.

glass fiber

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Recommended Products
Dead burned magnesia B/C Powder Grecian Magnesite

SM 94

SM 94 Powder, is a high purity dead-burned magnesium oxide, having a quality appearance of a white, gritless, free-flowing powder. It is produced, by selection of special raw materials and controlled sintering and sizing steps to achieve desirable bulk density, low iron content, low levels of trace elements and accurate grain size.


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