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Friction Materials

Magnesium oxide is an important component in friction material formulations, typically added to adjust the friction coefficient at desirable values in brake pads and brake linings. Moreover, its intermediate hardness imparts sufficiently low wear on metal while adequately conducting heat from the friction contact surfaces. MgO can also increase the thermal stability of the phenolic resin and the fade resistance of the friction material and suppress low frequency noise during breaking. Finally, due to its high refractoriness, it can help impart high life and maintain frictional grip in demanding high breaking temperature friction applications. Caustic Calcined or Dead burned Magnesia products can be used, depending on the specific application and friction material composition.

Grecian Magnesite has developed special high-quality caustic and deadburned magnesite grades for the application. Our products are already adopted by major companies of the sector with great success.

We guarantee integrated solutions as we have the flexibility to manufacture products with optimal chemical and physical characteristics by utilizing high quality raw materials from our own deposits and ensuring product consistency by applying high levels of quality control throughout all our manufacturing processes. Our R&D capabilities ensure high quality technical support and solutions to specific requirements.

Brake pads with MgO in the formulation
Friction Materials
Brake linings with the addition of Magnesium oxide
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Dead burned magnesia B/C Powder Grecian Magnesite

SM 94

SM 94 Powder, is a high purity dead-burned magnesium oxide, having a quality appearance of a white, gritless, free-flowing powder. It is produced, by selection of special raw materials and controlled sintering and sizing steps to achieve desirable bulk density, low iron content, low levels of trace elements and accurate grain size.


93C BL

93C BL is a relatively high purity calcined magnesium oxide grade, produced under closely controlled conditions to give an accurately sized white powder, with consistent (medium) reactivity & density.

93C BL has been especially developed for the friction materials industry.


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