Hydrometallurgy needs our top performer: AK98 VHR High Purity Reactive Magnesium Oxide

Whether it is for nickel, cobalt or uranium, hydrometallurgy thrives on optimum product purity and the bare minimum of safety & environmental concerns -our best scores, exactly! In no uncertain terms, our Magnesium Oxide powder is the most cost-effective and better performing solution for the modern metallurgist, and here is why:

Selective precipitation for the recovery of the metal from the ore with the minimum possible impurities depends on pH control of the leachate, and the best alkaline reagent for the purpose is a lightly calcined MgO. Our AK98 VHR outperforms every other natural MgO grade in the market and costs less than any equally matched synthetic grade.

The list of mining & metal companies using AK98 VHR continues to grow in every continent. Next to quality and performance, they also look for price stability, just-in-time delivery and supply chain security -we have been building our reputation on these, for decades. Our customers' procurement officers are happy with the “value for money” we offer, and so are their production managers with the denser and more crystalline precipitates they get, the less material they use and the lower sludge volume they have to handle.

Not least, their local communities are safer than ever: zero toxicity, zero environmental concerns. And this last of our advantages speaks volumes about the future!

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