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Health, Wellbeing & Safety

Health & Wellbeing

Caring for our employees extends beyond physical safety and includes their overall health and wellbeing. This is important at work because a healthy mind is also a safe and productive mind, able to identify hazards and support other people around them. We work hard to create a positive and supportive environment for all employees. We support a healthy, balanced lifestyle, by sustaining a clean, safe work environment, endorsing work-life balance and providing preventive & self-care benefits, company outings & paid vacations, flexible hours, long tenures, competitive pay and other benefits. We basically want our people to feel comfortable being themselves and that their voices are heard!


Health & Safety

The Health and Safety of employees, contractors and the community, in which Grecian Magnesite operates, is an integral part of our business. Safety risks are managed across all sites through HSE Management Standards (EN ISO 45001:2018).

Health and safety are basic values to which all our people are committed. The company reinforces expected behaviors every day and is dedicated to the systematic management of risks to achieve zero harm. Safety program initiatives, organized by our department for safety and health at work, have been developed to create a positive attitude to safety awareness and continuously improve safety performance. As a result, the Company has achieved very high safety performance ratios.

Employee Health & Safety │ Basic sustainable Indicators (Year) 2020 2021 2022
Total (average) number of Employees 332 313 313
Total number of lost working hours due to accidents 832 1.712 1.552
Total number of training hours provided in "Health & Safety" 379 214 529
Average Hours of Training Per Year per Employee 1,0 0,6 1,5
Work-Related Fatalities 0 0 0
Work-Related Fatalities per employee 0 0 0
Percentage of employees who are periodically monitored with medical examinations (out of the total number of directly employed) 100% 100% 100%

Our ultimate objective is to improve health and safety conditions at work and minimize accidents, acknowledging that the main asset of the company is its people and their wellbeing. In order to achieve this, under the meticulous supervision of the General Management, the following core policies are followed:

  1. Full compliance with the applicable laws on Occupational Health & Safety and with other relevant rules and regulations.
  2. Offices and industrial plants are run with high H&S standards.
  3. All our people & their families are supported through our private insurance health program and in-house medical services (on site occupational doctor/infirmary).
  4. Wherever hazards are identified, special programs are introduced to control and mitigate them.
  5. All our people follow training programs and are provided with the necessary information & instruction materials in order to work safely.
  6. All occupational health and safety issues are fully taken into consideration when decisions are made on investments, project contracts as well as during everyday activities, while top priority is given to the elimination of serious health and safety hazards at work and to the prevention of accidents.
  7. Promotional campaigns and other relevant actions are implemented to continuously improve awareness among employees about health and safety issues.
  8. Amidst the pandemic, regular briefings are given especially on the issue of prevention against the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).
  9. Health and safety records at work are monitored at every location and published within the company.
  10. In health and safety issues, the employees are represented by the elected Committee of Occupational Health & Safety and by the Trade Union.
  11. Standards & Procedures are maintained for designing workplaces, processes, facilities, machinery, operating and work organizational procedures, including adaptation to human capabilities.
  12. Standards & Procedures are maintained for readiness and response to emergency situations.
  13. The occupational Health & Safety (OHS) system is revised at regular intervals to ensure alignment with the relevant international standards and best practices.

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