Heating elements containing magnesium oxide EGM

Mineral Insulated Cables

Mineral insulated cable is made by placing copper rods inside a circular copper tube and filling the intervening spaces with dry magnesium oxide powder. The overall assembly is then pressed between rollers to reduce its diameter and increase its length. 

Mineral insulated cable is used in critical fire protection applications such as alarm circuits, fire pumps, and smoke control systems. 

Fused Magnesia (derived from fusing Caustic Calcined magnesia) or Deadburned Magnesia with low iron and other specific physicochemical properties make GM’s products perfectly suitable for this application. 

MgO based mineral insulated cable
Magnesium oxide based insulated cables
Heating elements containing magnesium oxide EGM
Recommended Products
Dead burned magnesia Sinter B for mineral insulated cables

Sinter B

Sinter B is a high purity dead-burned magnesium oxide, having a quality appearance of a white, gritless, free-flowing powder. It is produced by selection of special raw materials and controlled sintering and post processing, to achieve, large MgO crystal size, low iron content, specific SiO2/CaO ratio and controlled grain size.


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