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Privacy Notice under GDPR - Job applicants


The present notice contains information in accordance with article 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation EU 2016/679 – GDPR), regarding the processing of your personal data. For any queries or assistance, please refer to our Data Protection Officer named here below.


Identity of the Data Controller

Data controller is the company “GRECIAN MAGNESITE MINING INDUSTRIAL SHIPPING AND COMMERCIAL SA”, Michalakopoulou 45, 11528 Athens, phone number: +30(210)7240446 The Data Controller takes all necessary organizational and technical measures to secure your personal data and protect your rights in line with the GDPR. For more information on this topic, please contact us at the email:


Contact Information of Data Protection Officer

The Data Controller has appointed a Data Protection Officer with the responsibilities and duties described in the GDPR, who can be contacted through the email:


What information do we collect about you?

We collect personal data and keep them in electronic or hardcopy records, and we use a combination of working practices and technology to ensure that your information is kept confidential and secure. Records which we hold about you include among others the following information:

  • Details about you such as name/surname date of birth, family status, address, telephone number, ID, Passport, Social Security Number, contact and emergency contact details etc...
  • CV’s details such as application forms and references, education, working experience, correspondence with or about you.
  • Degrees, diplomas.


Why do we collect this information?

We use your personal data for the following:

  • Managing your job application.
  • Advising you on job opportunities within the Grecian Magnesite.
  • Informing or updating you about news, events, activities and services relating to Grecian Magnesite.
  • Contacting you with surveys conducted by Grecian Magnesite.

The collection of your personal data is required for purposes of evaluating your job application and maintaining appropriate records with a view of future collaboration. In case you refuse to grant your consent to the processing of your personal data, as required below, we will not be able to use your personal data and to examine your job application or other communications that you may address to us. The processing of your personal data does not include automated decision – making or profiling, as referred to in article 22 (1) and (4) of the GDPR.


Who might we share your information with?

We apply strict security rules regarding the processing of personal data and third parties’ access to our records and files. We only share your data when this is necessary to conduct our business or to discharge an obligation imposed by law.
We may share your information with:

  • Companies within the GRECIAN MAGNESITE to which the controller belongs in order to make the most of your request.
  • our service providers, agents and brokers (including their sub-contractors), consultants, external partners, including system vendors, independent software vendors and developers.


What is our legal basis for processing your personal data?

For processing to be lawful under the GDPR, we identify a lawful basis before we can process your personal data. In this case, the legal basis for the data processing effected by us is the grant of your explicit consent to the processing.


How long will your information be held?

Our data retention policy dictates that any personal data should not be kept for any longer than reasonably necessary. For more information on this topic, please contact us at the email:


What are your rights?

Unless subject to an exemption, you have the following rights with respect to your personal data:

  • The right to request from us access to and rectification or erasure of your personal data;
  • The right to restrict processing, object to processing as well as in certain circumstances the right to data portability and the right to withdraw your consent to the processing at any time;
  • The right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority.


How to make a complaint

If you are unhappy with the way in which your personal data has been processed, you may in the first instance contact the Data Protection Officer using the contact details above.


Contact us:

Any requests or objections should be made in writing to the DPO:

DPO name: Michael Lomvardos
DPO e-mail:

By signing below and returning the form via email, you are confirming that you have read the Privacy Notice and that you are consenting to GRECIAN MAGNESITE holding and processing your personal data for purposes described above. Please note you can withdraw your consent to all or any one of the above purposes of processing at any time by contacting our DPO as per above. Please note that all processing of your personal data will cease once you have withdrawn consent, but this will not affect any personal data that has already been processed prior to this point.

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