Electric Forklift Grecian Magnesite

Grecian Magnesite's journey towards electrification continues

Athens, Greece -- September 16, 2022 -- Grecian Magnesite S.A. (“GM”), a leading manufacturer of magnesite and its compounds moves ahead on the electrification path by replacing the company’s combustion-engine lift trucks with battery-powered ones.

Grecian Magnesite replaces gas and diesel production and logistics forklifts with electrically powered ones to reduce emissions and costs sustainably.

Electric industrial lift trucks work quietly and protect the environment and the welfare of our employees, especially when working in closed areas, as they do not emit harmful substances.

The existing lift truck fleet will be gradually replaced by 2024, with the first truck arriving at Yerakini in October 2022.

Total CAPEX is expected to exceed €300k.

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