Yerakini Sea Art Exhibition sponsored by Grecian Magnesite

Hosting and sponsoring the 2022 Yerakini Sea Art project

After halting the event for two consecutive years due to the coronavirus pandemic, we were finally back with the 2022 Yerakini Sea Art project, a four-day exhibition (28-31 July 2022) held at the company’s former ship loading installation. 

During the project, we had the opportunity to introduce the work of talented local artists from the Chalkidiki Visual Arts Association and enjoy open-air performances under the beautiful Greek night sky. 

Thank you all for attending, and our sincere congratulations to the participating artists for their inspirational work and performance! 

Underpinned by our core values of giving back to the community, Grecian Magnesite has actively supported art exhibitions in Yerakini for many years through sponsorships.

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