Internship program Grecian Magnesite

Summer Internship Program 

Building on stronger bonds within our Grecian Magnesite family, we offer every year, paid internships for adult children of our employees. 

The program involves the enrollment of 25 to 40 young individuals, students or junior professionals, in various departments within the company, from our headquarters to the mining sites. Positions are appointed according to interns’ skills and academic background and are fully compensated based on state salary standards. 

Interns work alongside senior staff members of Grecian Magnesite, where they have the opportunity to experience a well-structured industrial work environment and hone skills required for their future careers within our company or wherever life takes them.

We want to thank all participants for the fresh energy they brought into Grecian Magnesite and wish them the best of luck! 

Grecian Magnesite Summer 2022 internship program
Grecian Magnesite Summer 2022 internship program 2

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