Better Life with MgO - Second Workshop

The project’s second workshop was held in Athens, on March 28th 2019, at the premises of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) with the objective to present the progress/results of the project so far. A separate R&T session (Replicability and Transferability) with 16 participants also took place.

The attendance at the Workshop was very good, with 67 participants of the country's productive bodies, public organizations, engineers and academia.

According to the project results presented and discussed so far, the use of a highly active magnesium oxide can be a viable alternative to dry FGD. To compensate for the higher consumption rates, the utilization of the desulphurization by-product can be recycled and reused for the manufacture of magnesium boards/panels for the construction industry.

Furthermore, the company presented how it re-uses its mineral by-products in the production of the MgO sorbent, thus providing a good example of circular economy - best practices.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2019, where the final workshop is scheduled for December 17th 2019.

Better Life with MgO (LIFEPOSITIVEMgOFGD) is about the design, construction and operation of a novel air pollution abatement process which reduces the sulphur oxide levels in industrial flue gas emissions.

Second workshop life positive Grecian Magnesite
Second workshop life positive Grecian Magnesite

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