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We commit on green & innovative technology solutions for a sustainable future.

We engage & commit a substantial share of our resources to actively participate in and contribute to a wide portfolio of EU & Nationally funded projects, for the search of green & innovative technology solutions for a sustainable future. Currently Grecian Magnesite actively participates in the following main programs:



Development of innovative technologies for efficient extraction of EU's raw materials, emphasizing autonomous near-mine exploration in deep and abandoned mines for sustainability and safety.

Funded Under: HORIZON-CL4-2023-RESILIENCE-01




Cost-effective CO2 Capture and Utilization from magnesite/lime industry using enzyme boosted K2CO3 Solvents

Funded Under: EPAnEK-GR



CarbOn Neutral cluSters by Electricity-based iNnovations in Capture, Utilisation and Storage.

Funded Under: H2020-LCCI-EU

ConsenCUS - Technological innovations in CCUS



Innovative technologies and concepts for fine particle flotation: unlocking future fine-grained deposits and Critical Raw Materials resources for the EU.

Funded Under: H2020-EU



Boosting new Approaches for flexibility Management By Optimizing process Off-gas and waste use.

Funded Under: H2020-EU



Utilization of Industrial Mining Waste in the Production of Innovative Refractory Products.

Funded Under: EPAnEK-GR



Design and experimental testing of innovative processes for CO2 capture and its use in industrial production of carbonate salt nano-particles.

Funded Under: EPAnEK-GR

Olive trees cultivation in Grecian Magnesite Yerakini mines & works
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