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The extractive industry is a business activity of vital importance to human well-being as it provides products that cover society’s basic needs. To ensure that current as well as future requirements of society are met, the extractive enterprises need to be able to operate within a predictable legal and institutional framework, which enhances entrepreneurship, ensures environmental protection and strengthens social cohesion.

The above requisites are in line with the principles of sustainable development, as defined by the European Union (E.U. Strategy for Sustainable Development), which aims at the balanced improvement of business performance in all three of its pillars: Economy, Environment and Society.

Grecian Magnesite recognizes that sustainable development constitutes a vital objective for society and accepts its role in the achievement of this goal.

For this purpose, we adopt the present Code of Principles for Sustainable Development and we commit to strive for the continuous improvement of our performance in the economic, environmental and social areas of activity by:

  1. Incorporating sustainable development considerations within the company’s decision-making processes.
  2. Implementing principles and practices of business ethics as well as sound systems of corporate governance.
  3. Fulfilling consistently our institutionalized obligations and providing credible and systematic reporting and information to all those who are affected by or could affect the activities of our company.
  4. Fostering a sincere dialogue with those affected or affecting our business activities in a spirit of mutual understanding of the views of the various parties involved.
  5. Adopting the development and implementation of proper and scientifically based methods in mining planning and design for the effective protection of the environment and the conservation of biodiversity.
  6. Facilitating and encouraging the design of products and production processes, the use and recycling of products and the disposal of wastes, in a responsible manner.
  7. Investing in natural, technological, financial and human resources aiming at the development and continuous improvement of effectiveness and efficiency in depth of time.
  8. Striving for the continuous improvement of our performance in the area of occupational health and safety.
  9. Providing regular reporting for monitoring progress in the economic, environmental and social performance, with special emphasis on health and safety.
  10. Contributing as an “active corporate citizen” in the social, economic, cultural and institutional development of the local communities in which we are active.

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