flat glass

Flat Glass

Flat or float glass, based on silicon oxide and soda/lime raw materials, has widespread use in windows, doors, automotive glass, mirrors and even in solar panels and mobile phones. Magnesium Oxide or Magnesium Carbonate can be an important secondary additive that increases its mechanical strength and durability and protects it from corrosion and humidity effects, especially in higher-end thermally toughened/tempered applications. Critical parameters of the magnesium source are its controlled particle/grain size and its iron and trace element content (e.g. nickel and chromium) especially when very high transparency and durability of the glass are of utmost importance. Grecian Magnesite’s special products can offer not only such unique properties but also unproblematic production due to the minimization of difficult to melt phases and controlled size top-cuts according to customer requirements.

flat glass
Recommended Products
Very high purity micro-crystalline magnesium carbonate by Grecian Magnesite


R1 LN is a very high purity magnesium carbonate product with low iron content and trace elements, especially developed for the production of flat glass.

Due to its high Mg content, super white color and low levels of impurities, R1 LN can also be used as a minor filler in paints, paper, rubber & plastics as well as a variety of other high-end applications.

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ActiveMag 95

ActiveMag® 95 is a high purity, highly reactive calcined magnesium oxide, produced under closely controlled conditions to give a finely divided white powder with uniform and consistent reactivity. 


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