Narrow vein mining magnesite

The new Evia Underground Mine:
narrow vein mining, broad-minded investment

On the island of Evia, Greece, we are more than favored by probably one of the purest magnesite deposits on the entire planet. Above ground, this is also a place of exceptional natural beauty and of relatively untouched flora and fauna habitats. Mining in our region has always been a balancing act: respect, preserve, produce. Those are the guiding values for our newest mine.

While Yerakini and Eskişehir will still yield top quality magnesite ore for many decades to come, the market grows and more uses of this versatile mineral appear by the day. In our need for new sites we turned to a familiar place: our mining rights in Evia date as far back as 1920, the year our precursor, Anglo-Greek Magnesite Co., first developed surface and underground mines.

After 3 long years of geological mapping, geotechnical investigation, laser scanner surveying works, and core drilling exploration with state-of-the-art directional drilling tools, we are about to start the Koutzi UG mine: a small scale, surgical, underground mine with narrow vein mining techniques for the extraction of high-quality raw magnesite.

The state-of-the-art operation uses overhand sub level stopping to be operated by electric and battery powered equipment for an immaculate “green” performance. Its annual yield is 50,000 MT RoM out of an estimated 11 million MT of reserves. That means at least one hundred years of top-quality magnesite flow, guaranteed. It also points to a champion of sustainability and environmental responsibility - Grecian Magnesite at its best!

The new Evia Underground Mine
Narrow vein mining magnesite
Evia mountain magnesite
Rail wagon from old underground magnesite mine

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