Submerged arc welding with Magnesium oxide Grecian Magnesite

SM Powders

SM Powders for high-quality fluxes

Grecian Magnesite produces and commercializes a distinct range of Magnesium Oxide (Deadburned-Sintered Magnesia) free-flowing powders, under the brand name SM, namely SM-88, SM-90 & SM-96 for the welding industry.

Our SM powders have been used for more than two decades by the leading welding manufacturers around the world, with excellent results. To this day, Grecian Magnesite is recognized as a foremost MgO supplier to the welding industry offering highly consistent - superior performance – products, which improve both the manufacturing process and end-product quality. Our technical support, on-time delivery, supply security and price stability, are equally important factors that help our customers to improve their competitiveness.

Main Uses & Advantages

The nature of our mineral deposits (a microcrystalline type of magnesite, CaO/SiO2 forsteritic ratio) together with our extensive know-how in calcination (sintering) of magnesite, result to the production of the SM Powders with a suitable microstructure and mineralogical composition to cover the stringent requirements of the application, such as:

- High melting point – High refractoriness

- High resistance to hydration – Low hydrogen concentration in the weld

- High bulk density

- Very low Loss on Ignition (L.O.I)

Furthermore, the chemical purity of our magnesite and the careful control of sintering parameters assure the production of consistent products with very low content of undesirable impurities such as C, P and S.

During the final stage of the manufacturing process, milling, sieving and packing is performed in a continuous operation. Grecian Magnesite’s dedicated installations, along with our experienced and highly skilled personnel, ensure the uniform production of the SM - welding - powders with the correct particle size, shape and distribution. We supply our customers tailor made - ready to blend products; for fluxes with consistent composition and good strength.

Packaging & Storage

SM powders are available: In big bags with plastic liner with or without bottom spout on pallets (optional). In 25kg polyethylene-lined, multiwalled bags, stretch wrapped on pallets

SM powders have a shelf life of 12 months provided that the product is stored in a clean dry storage area under proper conditions. Magnesium oxide absorbs moisture from the air and forms lumps. Always re-seal partly used bags.

Main Properties
MgO content (typ.): SM88: 89,0%
SM90: 91,0%
SM96: 96,0%
C: < 0,05%
P: < 0,01%
S: < 0,01%
Hg: < 2ppm
welding process
Submerged arc welding with Magnesium oxide Grecian Magnesite

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Recommended Applications

Welding Fluxes

Welding is the dominant technique for joining metals in a variety of industries such as automotive/transportation, construction, pipelines, ship buildings, oil refinery, power generation, and many others.

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