GM 1/1 S for special refractories & ceramics

GM 1/1 S

GM 1/1 S for special refractories & ceramics

GM 1/1 S is a high purity dead-burned (sintered) magnesia product with excellent stability and refractory properties, combining high purity, homogeneity, high bulk density, large crystal size and low boron content.

Main Uses & Advantages

GM 1/1 S is used in the production of high quality shaped or unshaped refractories for use in the steelmaking, cement and nonferrous metals industries, including other miscellaneous applications requiring high performance refractory raw materials.

GM 1/1 S is available with a size range of 0-14 mm with -1mm <10% or sized according to customers’ request.

Packaging & Storage

GM 1/1 S is available: In big bags with or without bottom spout on pallets (optional). In 25kg polyethylene-lined, multiwalled bags, stretch - wrapped on pallets.

GM 1/1 S has a shelf life of 12 months provided that the product is stored in a clean dry storage area under proper conditions. Magnesium oxide absorbs moisture from the air and forms lumps. Always re-seal partly used bags.

Main Properties
MgO content:

typ. 96,0%

Grain bulk density:

typ. 3,40 gr/cm³

Special Castable manufactured with MgO
GM 1/1 S for special refractories & ceramics

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Recommended Applications

Special Refractories & Ceramics

Magnesium oxide is used as a raw material in the manufacture of refractory castables, crucibles, foundry cores and molds and special ceramics and sintered bodies. A wide range of products may be used depending on the application, typically hard or dead-burned magnesium oxide is used.


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