Floormag Magnesium oxide by Grecian Magnesite for high quality & bright floors


Floormag® is the benchmark brand for the Construction/SOREL industries | For high strength and bright floors.

Floormag® is a moderately reactive calcined magnesium oxide, produced under closely controlled conditions to give a finely divided white powder, with low iron content and controlled - uniform reactivity. 

Floormag® is manufactured for use in the production of magnesium oxychloride (SOREL cement) flooring. It reacts with magnesium chloride to form eco-friendly, high strength, fire-resistant cements, capable of bonding a wide variety of minerals and organic aggregates.

Main Uses & Advantages

Its unique properties such as whiteness, high MgO availability, low free lime, consistent particle size and controlled reactivity (capability to produce mortars with adjustable setting properties) renders Floormag® the very best choice for your flooring needs.

Floormag® SOREL formulations exhibit exceptional early and final mechanical strength (i.e., 3 and 28 days compression strengths of  > 60 and > 80 N/mm2, respectively, according to EN 14016). 

Setting time can be adjusted for seasonal variations in temperatures or according to customers’ requirements.

Floormag® has a time-tested history in the following main uses:

  • The manufacture of industrial floors in a wide range of sectors such as automotive, aircraft, armament and aerospace, electrical and mechanical, printing, electronics, pharmaceutical, plastics, clothing textile, general warehouses and furniture.
  • The manufacture of residential-commercial floors.
  • The manufacture of decorative terrazzo floors.
  • Fire-resistant marine interior deckings.
  • Flooring for railroad boxcars.

Packaging & Storage

Available in powder form:
In big bags, with or without bottom spout. In 25 kg paper bags on pallets, wrapped in shrink film. 

Floormag® has a shelf life of 12 months provided that the product is stored in a clean dry storage area and is protected from moisture with PE-foil. Magnesium oxide absorbs moisture from the air and forms lumps. Always re-seal partly used pallets and single bags with PE-foil.

Main Properties
MgO Content (Loss free): typ. 91,00%
Fe2O3 content: typ. 0,15%
Free Lime: < 0,60%


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Recommended Applications

Industrial - Marine & Decorative Flooring

Magnesia based industrial floors are heavy-duty floors based upon Sorel cement. Sorel cement is a hydraulic cement mixture of magnesium oxide (calcined magnesia) and magnesium chloride which is usually combined with filler materials such as sand, aggregates, talcum and pigments.


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