ActiveMag® 94

Activemag® 94 anti-scorching agent and acid scavenger for Rubber and Plastics

Activemag® 94 is a white, self-flowing, odorless, calcined magnesium oxide powder, produced under carefully controlled conditions and milled to fine particle size to achieve high chemical reactivity & specific surface area.

Main Uses & Advantages

Many rubber and plastic compounds containing halogens or nitrile groups require the use of magnesium oxide powder as a secondary additive in their compound formulation.

Activemag® 94 is especially calcined to achieve high specific surface area and can effectively act an acid scavenger, scorch retarder or curing agent in the lower application spectrum of these applications, where very high surface area synthetic grades are not necessary. Its very low iron content enables its use in color or oxidation sensitive applications.

Activemag® 94 can also be used as a thickening agent for sheet and bulk molding compounds and as a hardening agent during phenolic resin curing.

Packaging & Storage

Activemag® 94 is available in powder form: In big bags, with or without bottom spout. In 25kg paper bags on pallets, wrapped in shrink film.

ActiveMag® 94 has a shelf life of 12 months provided that the product is stored in a clean dry storage area and is protected from moisture with PE-foil. Magnesium oxide absorbs moisture from the air and forms lumps. Always re-seal partly used pallets and single bags with PE-foil.

Main Properties
MgO Content (Loss free):

typ. 95 %


typ. 0,10 %


typ. 50 m2/g


-45 μm

Rubber & Plastics use of magnesium oxide

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Recommended Applications

Rubber & Plastics

MgO is used in the Rubber and Plastic applications as an acid scavenger, scorch retarder or curing agent during the cross linking of several rubber compounds containing halogens or nitrile groups. 

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