Magnesium oxide panels

ActiveMag® 85

Activemag® 85

Activemag® 85 is a calcined magnesium oxide, produced under closely controlled conditions to give a finely divided white powder with controlled acid insoluble, accurate reactivity and grain size.

Main Uses & Advantages

Activemag® 85 powder is suitable for a wide range of drilling fluid applications such as: an alkalinity agent and pH buffer, anti-microbial growth additive, clay activator/viscosifier or as a bridging agent in drill-in fluids. 

Drilling fluids are compositions of natural and synthetic chemical compounds suspended in a liquid which aid the drilling of boreholes in Oil & Gas production or in simpler operations such as water drilling.

Activemag® 85 has suitable purity and reactivity to act as an efficient self-buffering agent, safer to use than caustic soda and lime, reducing the potential for polymer hydrolysis and precipitate formation while its controlled acid solubility makes it easily removable using clean-up acid solutions.

Activemag® 85 is also suitable for the production of magnesia cement panels. These are eco-friendly, lightweight insulating panels or building boards based on Sorel Cements. These MgO-based panels are used for various architectural applications and exhibit several advantages over conventional gypsum panels.

Activemag® 85 available MgO and uniform, consistent reactivity and particle size, ensure conveniently low setting times, high mechanical strength and dimensional stability of the board.

Packaging & Storage

Activemag® 85 is available: In bulk (only for granular material). In big bags, with or without bottom spout. In 25 kg paper bags on pallets, wrapped in shrink film (only for ground material).

ActiveMag® 85 has a shelf life of 12 months provided that the product is stored in a clean dry storage area and is protected from moisture with PE-foil. Magnesium oxide absorbs moisture from the air and forms lumps. Always re-seal partly used pallets and single bags with PE-foil.

Main Properties

MgO content:

typ. 86 %


typ. 11
(1% water suspension)

by citric acid:

typ. 100sec.

acid insolubles:

typ. 4-5%

Drill head oilfield

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Recommended Applications

Drilling Fluids

Drilling fluids are mixtures of natural and synthetic chemical compounds in water or an oil base that aid the drilling of boreholes in Oil & Gas production or in simpler operations such as water drilling.



Magnesia cement boards or panels are a category of ecological lightweight construction elements used for floor, wall/frame, ceiling and roof insulation and applied either vertically or horizontally.


Drilling Cements

In some cases, special, non-permanent sealing cements are required to establish a seal and subsequently remove it by dissolving the cement with common oil-field acids, something that cannot be accomplished with conventional cements. Sorel cement formulations based on caustic calcined MgO grades can be used in such cases.


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