calf milk replacement

Calf Milk Replacement

MgO is used as an Mg source in calf-milk replacement for the production of white meat. Calf milk replacers are dry powder mixes with main ingredients, skimmed milk, vegetables, vitamins, minerals, dry fats and magnesium oxide.

The dry powder mixes, before being fed to the calves, are mixed with water to form a suspension. It is desirable that the aqueous slurry forms a homogenous mix and the powder does not precipitate. In addition, the product should not create dust when handled.

The application requires a low dust, low heavy metals and extremely low iron content magnesium oxide that will be added in the mix to obtain the required Mg content in the final formulation.

Grecian Magnesite offers a dedicated product for this application under the brand name VitalMag® 96.

calf milk
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calf milk

Vitalmag 96

VitalMag® 96 is a super white, light-burned magnesium oxide powder of high purity, controlled physical properties and remarkably low iron content (170 ppm Fe) and trace element. Its high biological availability makes it an effective magnesium source/dietary supplement of livestock conforming to all relevant EU regulations for animal feedstuff:


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