Grecian Magnesite GrecMagn Tun spray mass after application



Grecian Magnesite offers a wide variety of magnesia-based disposable tundish working lining materials under the brand name GRECMAGN® TUN.

Main Uses & Advantages

GRECMAGN® TUN series of products are applied on the working lining of tundishes with the use of a spray machine. Drying up to 5500C is needed for setting and for water elimination. Due to special formulations and unique additives, our spray masses possess very low loose densities (typically, 1,4g/cm3) and low thermal conductivity.

As an integrated refractories producer, using our own minerals extracted from our mines, gives us the advantage of working with raw materials of controlled & stable chemical composition and physical properties. Our dead-burned magnesia grades, due to their forsteritic CaO/SiO2 ratio originating from the Yerakini deposit, exhibit low porosities and high hydration resistance, leading to working linings with the following main properties:

  • High resistance to crack formation during drying or preheating.
  • Excellent wear resistance and high refractoriness during casting.
  • Easy deskulling after casting.

When the use of a spray lining refractory mass with a mixture of DBM and dunite is operationally feasible, not only the cost of the mass will decrease, but also the thermal conductivity and the permanent linear change of the working lining at 1.5500C will be lower.

Our refractories engineering team can provide a wide range of support; from simple consultation to on-site installation services. We are committed to supplying our customers with experienced, knowledgeable personnel to assist & improve the operations of the tundish area.

Packaging & Storage

GRECMAGN® TUN series of products are available: in 500kg, 1.000kg, 1.500kg or 2.000kg big bags with or without inner nylon, with or without bottom spout, on any kind of wooden pallet, according to customer’s requirements.

The products have a shelf life of 6 months, provided that are stored in a clean, dry storage area under, proper conditions.

Main Properties

MgO range:

70% - 92%

SiO2 range:

2,0% - 30%

CaO range:

1,5% - 3,5%

Fe2O3 range:

0,5% - 8,0%

Grain Size:

0 - 1mm

Max Temperature:




grecmagn tun Grecian Magnesite

GrecMagn Tun - High stickiness during application 

Grecian Magnesite GrecMagn Tun spray mass after application

GrecMagn Tun - Excellent workability 

Grecian Magnesite GrecMagn Tun spray mass after application

Our GrecMagn Tun spray mass working lining with very low iron oxide content

continuous casting iron & steel
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Recommended Applications
Iron & steel continuous casting

Continuous casting

In Continuous Casting Machines, the tundish is the intermediate reservoir between the ladle and the water-cooled copper molds that receives the liquid steel from the ladle and subdivides it into strands of solidified steel. The tundish working lining should ensure the steel cleanliness, keep steel casting temperature steady and protect the safety lining from premature wear.


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