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GRECMAGN® GUN series of products are magnesia based gunning mixes for hot and cold repairs of the EAF slag-door and sidewalls. The products are chemically bonded with three main types of bonding systems, phosphate, silicate, and sulphate.

Main Uses & Advantages

During the installation of a gunning mix, compressed air transports the dry material pneumatically at the nozzle of the gunning lance where the required water is added (typically, the water addition is 10%). The successful installation depends on the adjustment of water flow - the mix should neither be too dry, creating dust without sticking to the wall, nor too wet, slumping off the installed surface. The applied thickness is typically 10-30mm. For a thick gunned lining, the installation is done in layers.

A phosphate bonded gunning mass, based on low-iron sintered magnesia, exhibits quick wettability, excellent adhesion, high wear resistance to EAF slag, good refractoriness and high mechanical strength. This type of gunning mass is particularly suitable for hot and cold repairs of the slag zone and the slag door.

A silicate bonded gunning mass exhibits high stickiness and low rebound and develops rapidly high mechanical strength. It is suitable for hot and cold repairs of areas that are in contact with liquid steel, like the spouts and the runners.

A sulphate bonded gunning mass possesses higher refractoriness compared to the other types of gunning masses (low-melting alkali phases cannot be formed) and is suitable for hot and cold repairs of EAF linings. The major advantages of this type are the excellent adherence to very hot surfaces and the extremely low rebound during application.

Packaging & Storage

GRECMAGN® GUN series of products are available: in 25kg paper bags, 500kg, 1.000kg, 1.500kg or 2.000kg big bags with or without inner nylon, with or without bottom spout, on any kind of wooden pallet, according to customer’s requirements.

The products have a shelf life of 6 months, provided that they are stored in a clean, dry storage area under proper conditions.

Main Properties

MgO range:

75% - 91%

SiO2 range:

6,0% - 15%

CaO range:

1,9% - 4,0%

Fe2O3 range:

0,3% - 1,5%

Grain Size:

0 - 3,5mm

Max Temperature:




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