Environment & Sustainability Caring for the Planet

Environment & Sustainability
Caring for the Planet

Preserving the environment is a priority commitment for Grecian Magnesite. We believe it is our obligation to minimize our environmental footprint, by strictly complying with national and EU regulations and identifying, reducing and managing the environmental aspects and impacts associated with our activities.

We work to be environmentally responsible throughout our organization; in how we power our facilities & tackle climate change, manage wastes, preserve natural resources, endorse biodiversity and promote sustainable land use.

Our Principles

Our Principles

Grecian Magnesite’s fundamental principle is that the extractive and ore processing activities (i.e. beneficiation, calcination, final processing) must go hand in hand with effective and consistent environmental protection.

Climate & Energy

Climate & Energy

Grecian Magnesite addresses in multiple simultaneous ways the objectives of maximizing its energy efficiency as well as playing its part in the joint effort to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 as set by the EC.

Waste Management & Recycling

Management of Non-Mining Wastes

Avoiding, reducing, reusing, and recycling non-mine waste.

Grecian Magnesite has adopted and implements a specific policy for the effective management of our hazardous and non-hazardous non-mining wastes...

Olive tree at Yerakini Mines

Mine Rehabilitation & Biodiversity

A Give & Take Relationship: We take from the environment what we need making sure that we return to nature what it needs.

Our modus operandi aims at minimizing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable land use.

Preserving Natural Resources

At Grecian Magnesite, we understand the value of natural resources both above and below ground. We strive to deliver operational excellence, safety and environmental performance for our people, the society and our customers.

Our natural resources preservation strategy comprises three key pillars:

Preserving Natural Resources

We commit on green & innovative technology solutions for a sustainable future.

We engage & commit a substantial share of our resources to actively participate in and contribute to a wide portfolio of projects, for the search of green/innovative technology solutions for a sustainable future. Examples of current funded research programs are ConcenCUS & NANOCAP, for carbon capture and utilization technologies or MagWasteVal & FINE FUTURE for the utilization of mining wastes.

Olive trees cultivation in Grecian Magnesite Yerakini mines & works
Our People & Society Caring for the People

Our People & Society
Caring for the People

The extractive industry is a business activity of vital importance to human well-being as it provides products that cover society’s basic needs. To ensure that current as well as future requirements of society are met, the extractive enterprises need to be able to operate within a predictable legal and institutional framework, which enhances entrepreneurship, ensures environmental protection and strengthens social cohesion.

The new Evia mine, background

Health, Wellbeing & Safety

Caring for our employees extends beyond physical safety and includes their overall health and wellbeing. This is important at work because a healthy mind is also a safe and productive mind, able to identify hazards and support other people around them.

The Health and Safety of employees, contractors and the community, in which Grecian Magnesite operates, is an integral part of our business. Safety risks are managed across all sites through HSE Management Standards.

Community Engagement

Grecian Magnesite understands and appreciates the vital role the local community plays in the sustainability of our company. The company has been mining magnesite in the region for more than half a century, and we consider ourselves proud members of the local community.

Community Engagement
Human Rights & Business Ethics

Human Rights & Business Ethics

Grecian Magnesite’s Code of Conduct outlines our commitment to high ethical standards and compliance with applicable laws wherever we operate. Grecian Magnesite will comply with local law and standards and shall be honest and fair in all negotiations and agreements. All employees and the board of directors, together with all business partners have to comply with our corporate Code of Conduct. We will not permit or tolerate engagement in bribery or other forms of corruption. We ensure that our operations are conducted in accordance with basic human rights standards with no discriminations on the basis of gender, religion, race, national or ethnic origin, cultural background, social group, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, age or political opinion. Harassment and other improper conducts are not tolerated. 

Responsible Sourcing

Responsible sourcing is high on our corporate agenda. We have worked hard to ensure that our supply chains are in line with the principles of sustainable development in order to anticipate the social, environmental and corporate governance (ESG) challenges, manage the risks and opportunities they entail and ensure long-term growth both for our company and for society.

Responsible Sourcing
Connect with us, background

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Community Engagement Stories

Grecian Magnesite Summer 2022 internship program

Summer Internship Program 

Building on stronger bonds within our Grecian Magnesite family, we offer every year, paid internships for adult children of our employees. 

Blood donation at Grecian Magnesite

Cheers! This was our 50th blood donation!

We recently completed our 50th blood donation, and we are proud to have concentrated a significant amount of blood units, available for people in need.

Grecian Magnesite has been organizing blood donation events in its Yerakini mine site for over 30 years already.

Christmas celebration for employees' children in Grecian Magnesite

Christmas celebration for employees' children

Christmas spirit came to life at the special event hall in our mine, where our Christmas celebration took place with almost 200 people, including guests, our employees and their children.

Encouraging and sponsoring local art projects Grecian Magnesite

Encouraging and sponsoring local art projects

Underpinned by our core value of contributing back to the community, we have been an active supporter of Yerakini art exhibition for many years through sponsorship.


Sustainability Stories

PV solar panels investment Grecian Magnesite

Akdeniz to install solar panels at Kumbet plant

Athens, Greece – June 13, 2022 -- Grecian Magnesite S.A. (“GM”), has announced today that its Turkish subsidiary, Akdeniz Mineral Kaynaklari A.Ş. (AMK), has, signed an agreement for the installation of a roof type solar energy system at its Kumbet plant

Green Certificate Grecian Magnesite S.A.

Grecian Magnesite S.A. │ Green Certificate of Energy 2020 - 2021


Athens, Greece -- September 10, 2021 -- Grecian Magnesite S.A. (“GM”), a leading manufacturer of magnesite and its compounds, has recently announced the receipt of Green Certificate of Energy for the electricity consumed by the company during 2020-2021 (June 2020 – May 2021).

CO2 neutrality

ConsenCUS Carbon neutral clusters through electricity-based innovations in Capture, Utilisation and Storage

Grecian Magnesite participates in an international consortium led by New Energy Coalition and University of Groningen that will answer the following questions in the European innovation project ConsenCUS:

Watch ConsenCUS video

Using biomass for Magnesium Oxide calcination at Grecian Magnesite Yerakini

Novel burner system to significantly cut CO2 & NOx emissions 

Athens, Greece -- January 26, 2021 -- Grecian Magnesite S.A. (“GM”), has announced today the successful operation of a novel versatile/LN burner system, which is expected to significantly cut CO& NOx emissions from the company’s rotary kilns in Yerakini mines & works.


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