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Steelmaking is the largest market sector for the refractory industry. Magnesia based refractories (basic refractories) have the ability to withstand high temperatures, show high resistance to basic slags and sufficient strength to withstand mechanical abuse and abrasion in hot environments. Also where steel cleanliness is of the highest importance, basic refractories are recommended. Basic refractories are divided into shaped and unshaped types. Unshaped refractories are cast, sprayed or rammed into position and are used to fill gaps in a refractory construction built of bricks or act as a barrier or lining. 

Grecian Magnesite produces and commercializes both high quality refractory raw materials (deadburned magnesia, olivine)  which are sold selectively to various refractory producers around the globe as well as vertically integrated products (basic monolithic refractories), sold directly to the steel plants.