Basic Monolithic Refractories

Magnesium oxide
Magnesium oxide
Magnesium oxide

Grecian Magnesite also produces and commercializes a great variety of basic unshaped refractory products, covering applications such as gunning, dry ramming, dry fettling, tundish coating mixes and EBT fillers. Our products are used in the Iron & Steel industry in various stages of the production process.

The most important applications as well as their benefits are:

The Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) is the vessel where the raw material (scrap and/or DRI) melts to produce liquid steel. Heating is made by graphite/... view more

Converters are used for the production of liquid steel and are fed with “pig iron” from blast furnaces and scrap. Heating is produced by blowing... view more

The ladles are fed with the liquid steel from the EAF units. The simplest case is just to transfer the steel to the continuous casting unit but... view more

The tundishes are located in the final stage of the liquid steel production process. Liquid steel from the ladles or the converters is fed to the... view more

Various refractory products are used by the steel makers for specific applications in the EAF and the converters. Such product is the olivine... view more